The Institute of Memory

Directed by Lars Jan

Stage Manager

May 28-31, 2015

REDCAT: Roy and Edna Disney Cal Arts Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, under the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Co-presented with and produced by CalArts Center for New Performance

A multi-dimensional visual design sets the stage for award-winning director and media artist Lars Jan’s theatrical exploration of the blurring of short and long term memories, and how “remembering” is changing now and into the future. With two performers, real time 3D laser scans, original music and a collage of found and composed text, TIMe traces the transformation of archives from physical to digital structures, and the corresponding evolution of national and personal remembering and privacy through the story of director Lars Jan’s father — an enigmatic Cold War operative and privacy-obsessed misanthrope.

1. Photo Courtesy the Artist

Spring 2014

Workshop, California Institute of the Arts, BB2

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